Play Therapy

Fighting, Disobedience, Poor Attention at school, Teasing, Bullying, Boredom, No interest in anything, Back talk, Dangerous play.

What is going on?

Is there no solution to these problems. Or rather is the only solution to put your child on psychiatric medication?

Could a child make use of play therapy considering how bad things have become?

Play therapy gives the child a space both temporal and physical in which he or she may discover and express thoughts and feelings which illuminate those things pressing on their lives. Play therapy is different from other play because it is watched and responded to, interpreted both to the child and to you. In a effective treatment a child will understand they have become the instructor, the teacher with me as their audience attempting to learn what the child needs to say. As the therapy progresses the therapist will report to the parents or care giver on the progress of the child and often be able to offer insight into how this child is managing. The treatment is a partnership with the child at the center of a system devised to make sense of a world that has thus far eluded meaning.

This treatment is often short term with the goal of giving your most important thoughts and feelings a place they might now otherwise have during what is most usually the chaotic beginning of life in our world.

Some of the problems that can be addressed in Play therapy include the death of parents, trauma, divorce, and abuse

The horror and sadness some children endure is awful to consider. Doing nothing only perpetuates the injustice. The fact of these problems underscores the seriousness of this form of treatment and the great many things at stake in all play therapies.