Couples Work

Do you imagine your partner and yourself sitting on a sofa together, in the same room, trying to describe what the last few months have been like? Do you flash on the danger that you might hit a nerve as you speak, creating a larger problem you will just have to deal with on the way home, or never?

Couples Therapy Can be Like That

There is a way that resolving problems in an intimate relationship can be done differently, through psychotherapy. For many couples a team approach can be effective where the standard sort of couples work may fail.

With my associates I can put together a team that allows each member of a couple to have the space needed in order to say what they will and to think clearly about their needs and desires within the relationship but without the other present. The treatment often accelerates as each knows that the other is also at work on the problem.

Either a standard couples therapy approach or a team effort. I am happy to consider either approach with a couple.